Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Real Estate Expert: CAP Rate is a first year return or yield

Okay so I'm done with the housekeeping for a while, but I wanted to share with you a quick note. Today I had lunch with a buddy of mine that is also a blogger. He's recently hooked on to the tribe of followers of this site. Anyway, today he was giving me a critique of the blog. He said that he liked the blog but was confused about all the info. He said, "you sound really smart".

Well, thanks! That's one of the points. Sound smart. That way, those who read might one day need my brokerage service. Really though, the goal is not primarily to "sound smart". This blog was started to inform the community of brokers, users or real estate, and investors about trends and market events related to real property. I didn't imagine that someone not knowing the real estate lingo would find there way to the site.

That said, in addition to the figure filled market analysis and nerdy lingo, I intend to have a few "beginner" posts every now and then. Heck, even the pros need a lesson in the basics occationally.

Jonathan, thanks for the insight even if you didn't mean to!

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